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Vlog on Result of 3/22 Rally! March 28, 2008

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2 Responses to “Vlog on Result of 3/22 Rally!”

  1. Joey Baer Says:

    Excellent report – thanks for sharing. I am really curious to see that painting you described. Any chance you can post it?

    We need to continue and pertain that AGB is all about money and power rather than human rights and whole child you just described.

    Way to go!!

  2. David Ennis Says:

    I want you to know that your amazing story is so empowering our Deaf Human Rights movement.

    Whoever begins to believe that Deaf is Just human being, it will lead to discover his/her true Deaf identify by breaking the mental chains of the audistic manipulators.

    To all of the Audistic manipulators, please stop to take ASL away from Deaf children’s native language they need a visual-based education, not audio-based education. Secondly, I don’t care anything about the ears and mouths of Deaf children except Deaf human beings that need the BILINGUAL LANGUAGE.

    ASL enlightens the consciousness of Deaf children that will lead to become our future Deaf leaders who have strong English literacy. Knowledge is so powerful much better than Speech skills.

    Personally, I believe that God has own purpose to create a diversity of the beautiful people on Earth – Brown, Red, White, Black, Yellow, and of course, DEAF.

    I am so excited to see a new young generation of Deaf movement beginning to become a reality. As I am 52 years old and native ASL signer, I always believe in the Deaf Empowerment movement and strongly support for the restoration of our Deaf history.

    In my Deaf proverb, “Deaf is not a curse but a blessing”.

    David Ennis

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