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Slideshow of 3/22 ~ Photos by Kelly Krzyska ~ Thank you Kelly!! March 31, 2008

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Vlog on Result of 3/22 Rally! March 28, 2008

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Adam Lovelace’s Comments about DBC Rally

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While my household has come together to learn ASL, we have simultaneously been given the glorious opportunity to be welcomed into the Deaf community to celebrate their culture, their language, to celebrate their deafness. Our teacher, K10 is the first deaf friend I’ve had that communicate through sign with and I’m delighted that I’m finally accomplishing a goal that has eluded me for my 34 years due to being raised in the mainstream aural community. The Deaf Bilingual Coalition, through the generous support of its members, sent me to the AG Bell Conference this past Saturday in Milpitas, with a wonderful interpreter named Bunny to sign for me throughout the event. While AG Bell did provide for captions to be available, they do not support ASL as a language to be used by the deaf community, instead supporting mainstreaming through technological advances like hearing aids and cochlear implants along with extensive speech therapy. They spoke to a wide variety of parents, professionals and educators about advances in technology applicable to children as young as one year old. They also had a panel of young adults to share their experience growing up aural.

According to AG Bell, I believe that they would consider me to be a success story having worn hearing aids since the age of 2, mainstreamed with speech therapy through high school and encouraged to not feel limited by my deafness. I speak, as a result, very clearly, with good enunciation and a rich vocabulary. I use powerful hearing aids, lip-reading and I frequently repeat what I hear (or imagine) to fill in the blanks caused by noise, beards, and people who talk through their smiles. I also speak Spanish fluently and have a grasp of conversational French. My sign is not so good… but it is improving;)

While the conference gave me the opportunity to be around other like-minded people who have gone through the AG Bell system, all of us with varying degrees of hearing loss, thus varying degrees of speech control. Remember, how can you know what it sounds like if you cannot hear? The Keynote speaker, Josh Swiller was quite remarkable and passionate as he shared his story, of his deafness, of his experience as deaf, as hearing, as an outsider in both communities. He was funny and candid, honest and humble. His first remarks were those of thanks to the protestors outside for standing up for the rights of ASL to be recognized as a language just as powerful as spoken English. He encouraged the dialogue to happen citing the importance of both sides to be heard. I found myself nodding in agreement often as he shared his story, knowing that yes, there were others out there who had lived similar experiences. I also noted that many of us were similarly ostracized from others with similar experiences.

During our lunch hour, I joined outside, a richly diverse group of people who support the language of ASL for the deaf, their families, to assist the deaf in finding peace in their deafness. They encourage love and support, language and culture to prevent the constant threat of isolation that often occurs when the deaf are not accepted for whom they are. With their signs, their drums, kids of all ages and parents, friends, teachers and supporters, I spoke to the group (with the assistance of my interpreter) telling them how grateful I was to be invited, how honored I was to support the cause. I told them that there were more people outside protesting than were inside at the conference…which they responded with instant applause. Applause is shown with both hands in the air shaking them vigorously above ones head. I told them of the challenging dialogue happening inside.“If you had a child who was deaf, would you teach that child ASL or would you encourage cochlear implants?”

After much consideration and pause, the speaker replied that (HE) “would encourage cochlear implants but would also insist on the use of ASL to richen the language of my child”. While thoughtful and diplomatic, I empathize with parents in making such a difficult decision. I would not immediately suggest cochlear implants. I believe that there is always time for that. Hearing aids are helpful, and ASL is crucial to teaching language and communication. Parents need to spend quality time with their children in both the hearing assisted realm as well as without technological assistance in order to convey self confidence, love and understanding for their deaf children. I found it interesting that the DBC members outside had a stronger sense of community and support than those inside the conference. The kids outside just seemed happier.

I am experiencing a paradigm shift in my life right now with the support of my friends and family. I’m hopeful that the void that I have felt for as long as I can remember will be filled with the newfound relationship that I am currently developing with my new deaf community. I’m learning sign and I’m loving it. My household is looking to take a structured ASL class in addition to our current lessons with our teacher K10. Eventually, I might even start to live without my hearing aids.


Hearing Mom’s Experience on 3/22 Rally

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DBC Rally at the Crown Plaza in Milpitas

As a hearing mom, I attended the DBC Rally on Saturday, March 22, 2008 to support my Deaf daughter’s passionate response to the AG Bell Conference on Saturday. How could DBC make a positive impact with this organization for the future of Deaf children? What could the Deaf community do??? The response from the Deaf Community and their family and friends, was awesome! They gathered together…. babies to grandparents and everyone in between….hands flying ….. drums beating…..horns honking ….. children laughing…..friends hugging…….people COMMUNICATING, using ASL! It was a beautiful day. I just hope the folks attending the Conference were able to “get it” and saw that communication isn’t just verbal, but visual as well. ASL IS “bilingual” and everyone CAN speak.

Kathy Weiner

Thank you Mom/Kathy for your support/family that day & ever since! Especially for being open minded and open heart in exploring communication options and discovering that ASL was and still is the RIGHT way to go!

**********ASL GUARANTEES SUCCESS!!! *********


Nick Horn’s Slideshow on 3/22 Rally! Thank you Nick! March 26, 2008

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“I Rallied 4 Deaf Babies!” THANK YOU to all those who came on 3/22!! March 25, 2008

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(Our apologies in advance, if you forgot to sign up and if names were misspelled. If they are, please email us the additions and corrections at dbccalif@gmail.com, thank you!)

Jenny Cantrell

Mary Telford

Bay Point
Liann Osborne
Talia Osborne

Carla Morris
Derrick Schneider
Melissa (Weiner) Schneider

Castro Valley

Alysha Aziz
Chelsey Broderick
Samantha Smith
Michelle Swanson
Gwen Tsujimoto
Martin Watkins

Stephanie Craig
Marie Smith
Stan Smith
Roberto Solorzano
Toni Solorzano
Nan Zhou

El Cerrito
Richard Rutherford

Sachiyo Ake

Katrina Alma
Alayna Altomare
Sandra Ammons
Hendri Argo
Mike Baer
Celia May Baldwin
Michele Berke
Katie Blalock
Karen Booth
William Booth
Cheryl L. Boyd
Gina Burnaugh
Max Calderon
Carol Cambone
Cat Cassidy
Clare Cassidy
Antonia Chimienti
Roberta Daniels
Joseph Davis
Jeanne Ewald
Virginia Finneran
Valerie Friscia
Allison Gibbons
Kathy Greene
Matt Hagmarr
Sean Hauschildt
Eileen Halol
Rick Herbold
Val Herbold
Tara Holcomb
Tom Holcomb
Tristan Holcomb
Troy Holcomb
Nick Horn
Rona Hunt
Jaime Jackerson
Jane Jackerson
Sheila Jacobs
Linda Jarashow
Denise Kacinski
Irene Kacinski
Jackie Kacinski
Bunny Klopping
Hank Klopping
Graham Koetz
Kelly Krzyska
Eitan Kulchinsky
Jason Kulchinsky
Eugene LaCosse
Melissa Lewellyn
Jeanne Loustalot
Ginny Malzkuhn
Mallory Malzkuhn
Max Malzkuhn
Megan Malzkuhn
Jessica McIntyre
Christian Miramontes
Barb Morrison
Brian Morrison
Robert Morrison
Donna Nickle
Casey Palma
Garrett Pealcon
Carlene Pedersen
Chelsea Pedersen
Esther Pedersen
Ken Pedersen
Mel Pedersen
Jahren Ramborger
Kurt Ramborger
Malvana Ramborger
Alyce Reyonlds
David Reynolds
Jonathan Reynolds
Justin Reynolds
Dale Ritter
Nick Sherred
Bernice Singleton
Buddy Singleton
Aisha Tahirkheli
Beth Ticehurst
Sylvia Wood

Brian Riley

Nancy Baldwin
Khalvyn Edmond
Judy Gough
Daniel Harnish
Ian Jones
Jamie Lemos
Ella Mae Lentz
Gilmer Lentz
Maryellen Lentz
John Peknik
Sherry Vance

Jody Wong


Jeff Bibb

Gabriella Bibb
Matilda Bibb
Marsha Helmuth
Jeff Mosher

Los Angles

Bekah Guerrero

Martin Guerrero

Los Altos

James Willette
Mary Willette

Los Gatos
Tom Stamper

Long Beach
Jay Gates


Alexandria Greathouse
Alison Greathouse
Cassia Greathouse
David Greathouse

Mountain View

Courtney Montgomery

Debbie Green
Don Grushkin
Nathan Montoya


Martha Aquilar
Nancy Brill
Iva Ikeda
Nicole Montagna

Michele Tompkins

Steven Anderson
David Eberwein
Landen Gonzales
Stefanie Ellis-Gonzales
Harrison Gough
Risa Gough
Stacy Gough
Tim Gough
Mary Ann Hencker
Esteban Kovacs
Estelina Kovacs
Estella Kovacs
Kevin Kovacs
Shelly Luchini
Irisa MacAulay
Mariposa MacAulay
Michael MacAulay
Zola MacAulay
Karina Pedersen Osbrink
Rory Osbrink
Colin Piotrowski
Shani Resch


Ernestine Bustamante

Magdalene Utley
Pearlene Jo Utley
Terry Theriot
Michiko Suzuki


Patricia Killough
Andrew Taylor

San Bruno
Elin Abbott

Santa Clara

Rima Cornish
Tara Lynn Lanning
James Taylor
Conny Shyrers

Santa Cruz
Michael A. Brinker

San Francisco

Tanja Bierschneider
Dan Langholtz
Adam Lovelace
Jennifer Mantle
Bonnie Jo Morrison
Monica Paz
Drago Renteria

San Jose

Cathy Dang
Jocelynne Diaz
Rocky Finley
Katie Gallipea
Yessenia Gonzalez
Robert Hillard
Chelsea Pelter
Robert F. Strohmeier
Laura Watkins

San Leandro

Daniela Keiffer
Vanessa Phillip
Essence Stallworth

San Ramon
Carolyn Miller
Kathyrn Virello


Jon Thompson

Union City
Doreen Baldwin
Jacinda Baldwin
Amy June Rowley
Sue Saline
Linda Slovick
Amelia Wong
William Wong

Walnut Creek

David Jessup
Kathy Weiner
Kristen Weiner

Out of State!

Ron Sipek

Washington D.C.

Jennifer Nasukiewicz

Out of Country!
Vancouver, Canada

Emily Allan


Address of 3/22 Rally again March 21, 2008

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DBC California Chapter Rally March 22nd, 7:30 am to 5:30 pm (come when you can!)

777 Bellew Dr. Militpas, CA 95035- Outside Crown Plaza Hotel

(where AGB is having their California state wide conference)